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I’ve not been nearly as prolific posting to this blog as I’d hoped. Hopefully my caveat laden intro/preamble established a good foundation of limited expectation. My HEAVILY PREGNANT wife and I are currently awaiting the arrival of our second child THIS WEEK, which is the main reason why this is a poorly timed foray into this arena.

I never intended to blog, or write in this form, and only started because my best friend’s other half started a site. Obviously me being the attention junkie that I am, I presumed it was yet another corner of existence that couldn’t occur comfortably without my grubby paw prints all over it.

We were having our, too occasional, trans-global, pan-hemispheric Skype catch ups; they live in that there Australasia don’t you know. Alex was telling me about his foray into coaching, which he does as part of his job at a big Aussie Tel. Co.

I’ve recently been benefiting from his coaching skills, which is one of the primary drivers behind me starting this site. I need to promote myself a little more accurately than my CV, and stop using negative words in relation to myself. More on him soon, check him out at Alex is ace!

Jemma (the “half” previously alluded to) works for a glossy print magazine as a Picture Editor, but felt she has a lot to share on her experience with their young child, and so set up her site, in partnership with a chef friend.

The Wholesome Feed looks amazing, because that is what Jem does for a living, and when I had a dig through I read her achingly honest reflection on the period when their little girl not sleeping. I was struck by how beautifully frank the piece was, and it brought to mind the story of when our little dude was dragged into the world, and my inexcusable reaction to it.

I sent Jem a quick email, asking whether she would consider another voice for the site. Ideally a more a rambley, whimsical, and inevitably nasal voice (although I’m not sure how much that comes across on here). A couple of hours later, her reply came back:

“Sounds good. What have you got in mind?”

Me being me, rather than sketch out my thoughts, I’d already hammered out six hundred words and fired it straight back.

Thankfully she loved it, but there was a problem, she wanted a whole series… and lo’ the Dad Files series was born. dad-files-1-the-unexpectant-father/

Thus began my foray into chipping in with my two pence worth to the already massively over saturated world of “the blog”. I initially rejected the B word because I’m not 14 years old, and it’s (sadly) not been 2003 for frankly longer than I’m comfortable admitting. I called it a Column, but it’s not, because it’s not in printed format, it’s a f#*king blog, and I need to grow up and swallow that fact down like a good little almost 15 year old!

That shouldn’t read as sinister as it probably does…

So, I’m doing that as much as I can, or until my acerbic tales of modern fatherhood run dry. I got picked up by another site to do something similar. The supposed upside of this other one was that I had all the benefits of not getting paid, and without the drag of keeping my rights to the stuff I wrote. Weirdly I only wrote one piece for them, but wish them luck in taking goodwill slanted advantage of other writers just trying make their mark.

As you hopefully spotted, I’m hoping to find work as a screenwriter, and want to improve my skills by writing “every day”, hence the site. The downside is I’ve distracted myself away from the actual writing ‘for screen’ in favour of trying to write words that only show up on A SCREEN, so that’s something I need to attend to. It’s still really handy because up until this past couple of weeks I’ve been a bit stuck for ideas on what to work on, but that’s starting to lift now. And when I’m in that sort of frame of mind I end up just moving commas around the page on stuff I’ve already written, with no improvement.

So let’s see how far I get… and thank you very much for joining me and keeping me on my toes!

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