What, this old thing?

I’ve been terrible and entirely absent from these shores for MONTHS!
I had a very promising period toward the end of last year when was on top of this, but that didn’t last.

Ok, so, me?

I’ve been hustling to put an Indie feature production together after feeling a bit stuck for a while. I met up with one of my former MA lecturers (and biggest champions) to get some guidance about ‘how to be a writer’ which ended up with him telling me to take permission to bring my Queensferry Rules script to life. As I’ve mentioned here FAR too many times, I spend a lot of time waiting to be “Rapunzel’d” from my tower of stasis. My guy reassured me that I can write, I can write well, and I already have a script that’s had a bit of interest, so why not do something with it!

So now I’m an Independent Movie Producer, sort of.

I’ve auditioned someone via a self-tape for the lead. He was great!

I’ve sent the script to known talent following requests from their agents.

I’ve had interest from Directors.

I’ve got someone lined up to score and soundtrack the thing.

I might even have a millionaire footballer that I am considering tapping for investment!

I had a development meeting yesterday with a prospective producer who liked the script enough to get his producing partner to read it. His colleague also liked it, and they weirdly put together a huge list of stuff that’s wrong with it, BUT THAT’S ALL BRILLIANT! I got some really useful information, and gave me some new ideas that add a lot of depth and improve the representation in the piece.

I’m reading up on how to produce a low budget film, I’m going off instinct and excitement, I’m using my Covid-19 sponsored working from home time, and I’m killing it!

Thank for checking in.

If you think you can help rip me a line!

Cheers peeps!

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